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eighth_horizon's Journal

bbq's fic journal
...aka gekizetsu. This is a writing-only journal, not another alias.

Header by star_dancer54. <3<3 guh.

80% of the fic here is related to the CW show Supernatural, (c)Eric Kripke, et al. Wish they were mine, but all I can lay claim to is the plot structures and original characters. I write everything, so please don't come in unaware. I'm a Samgirl and a Deangirl and a Johngirl, and I write every genre, from G to NC-17. I am an equal opportunity offender. Cannot seem to stop writing Supernatural fanfic. Have lost control of self. Send reinforcements. And yes, I'm the idiot who writes those drunken letters from Sam to Stephen King.

No, you don't need to ask before you friend me, podfic or translate anything. Thanks for wanting to read my fic. I can't guarantee it'll always be anything you want to see. One more time: I write everything. Be warned.

All fic (in a page layout, if you like) can be found here.